Oh, and the other Page Attribute that applies to Accordions – ‘
Stacked behaviour at runtime‘ – is the one demonstrated in the example_webapp and example_tabletui Apps. That is to display one Section at a time, without the other Section headers. It’s ideal for tablets and other small displays. The Navigation Panel (navigation_menu.txt) allows you to select an individual Section.

‘Accordion behavior‘ means always display as an Accordion. ‘Use Accordions‘ means display as an Accordion when the display is less than the height set in ‘Use Accordions height‘.

It would be expand/collapse. I think you need to check for the activesection and collapse that first, then expand the section you want.

oactiveSection = Lianja.get("mypage").activesection

I want to have a page with multiple section but I need the main section (top most) to be always open
The rest of the sections can be opened one at a time in accordion style.
So at any time, user can see at most 2 open sections in my page


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