Q: combo box appear in a grid cell. After double clicking the column header, I have set the choices attribute to {1,2,3,4}.

A: remove the {}


Dynamic choice lists are choice lists based on data from a table, from a SQL SELECT, so they are dependent on the current data. Static choice lists are comma-separated hard-coded lists like ‘apples,pears,bananas’.

In the Data Dictionary for a field I entered Choices as: M,D,Q
But this doesn’t seem to be used anywhere?
Choices does work when entered for a grid column attribute or a field attribute.
How can I get the Data Dictionary Choices to be used everywhere instead?
It will be picked up in Form Sections if you check the Inherit dictionary rules under Other Options in the Section Attributes. Fields also have an Inherit dictionary rules Attribute, which is checked True by default.
This functionality is not currently available in Grid Sections.
The default settings were debated, it was decided this way (fields Inherit true by default, overridden by the section Inherit false by default) because if you are using the dictionary, you just need to check 1 attribute for the section, but if you are not using the dictionary and have just changed some captions or added some tooltips your changes are not overwritten by dictionary values.
Can Inherit be set using code?
You can’t currently do it programmatically. Why not create a Template of a Form Section with the flag set and use that as your default Form Section?

Choicelists had an enhancement added to them so that if the SQL SELECT started with a + then a blank entry was added as the first entry in the list.
+SELECT omschrijving FROM titel ORDER BY omschrijving


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