When using ‘Vertical’, all objects added to the container with no height specified will be laid out with the same height. If you want a control to be a fixed height set its fixedheight property. Same goes for ‘Horizontal’ and fixedwidth.
You can also set ‘spacing’ and ‘margin’ on a container.
Containers can themselves contain containers so, for example, you can add horizontal containers to a vertical container and everything will automatically adjust to the size of the base container e.g. a Form.

When creating a container, you can add a browse in it, very nice. Also you can add commandbuttons in it, this works but you can’t give them properties like height and wide.
Use fixedheight and fixedwidth, e.g.




Just to clarify, containers are primarily used in custom sections or apps that are non standard custom apps that are run using the Lianja runtime.

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