App Center

Note that the Lianja App Builder is for development, users use the Lianja App Center

The default login page for the Lianja App Center desktop client is drive:\lianja\cloudserver\appcenter\login.rsp,
for the web client it is drive:\lianja\cloudserver\tenants\public\wwwroot\l ogin.rsp.
So, you can back these up then modify as required or have a starting Page in your App that does further validation after the initial Lianja login.

The Lianja App Builder (development) runs with data access in exclusive mode to allow you to modify structures, build tag indexes, zap, pack etc.
The Lianja App Center (runtime) runs with data access in shared mode unless you specifically set exclusive on or specify exclusive use on the open database or use commands.

The embedded HTTP server port setting is in app settings. The port is shared between the app builder and the app center.

exist a way to know if I’m inside on Lianja App Builder or Lianja App Center?
Try Lianja.isRuntimeMode()


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