If you require two columns in the combobox, I believe you could do the following:
Lianja.Get("page1.section3.cboName").columncount = 2
In the choices attribute, you could use:
+select customers.companyname, from customers
(Although the blank entry may no longer be available)

in which event additems method can be used to load initial value in the list or combo item when the app starts.
Use the ‘ready’ event. During development in the Lianja App Builder, the ‘ready’ event is called when the App is loaded, so just save and reload the App to force the ‘ready’ event to be called and see your new code.

In a canvas section, I can set the Data size to small, medium, large, largest and auto.
I would like to use that in a custom VFP section.
I have tried namespace.combobox.datasize=”largest”.
you need to set the fontsize attribute.
(had a typo in my stylesheet. font-size was there)

What custom delegate is typically used to start an event with one of the choices?
I think what you are asking is… What delegate is used to handle a change of selected value in a combo box. The “change” delegate is called if you change a combo box interactively.

A quick Tutorial on style a combobox


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