You can run in “debug” mode and click on the message in the console which will take you to the line which is in error.

Also messageBox() in the web/mobile client is non-blocking and you are displaying it twice.
If you *must*
block the browser window with a modal dialog using alert(“some text”).

If all you want to do is see whats going on use the javascript debugger in the browser (remember to run in debug mode not release mode which will compress the javascript for you).

Also your old friend Lianja.writeLog(“some text”) will write to the javascript console.

It is good practice to always terminate a function code block with a ;

See what is wrong with the function you are trying to evaluate first. You can call it from the JavaScript console in the web client.

Learn how to set break points in the JavaScript debugger in the browser so you can identify the error in your code.

if Lianja cannot evaluate the expression in the client it will automatically try and execute it in the server. That error message is coming from the server.


I clicked the ‘Web App View’, then the ‘Deploy’ option.
Next, I clicked the Preview option and it opened in a browser.
Google Chrome
Clicking this menu item still didn’t seem to do anything.


Press Ctrl+shift+i to open the Developer Tools, then select the Console tab and see if any error are reported when you click the menu item.

In my application, in the console, i see:

mer 29. lug 09:29:09 2015
**** Lianja error ****


mer 29. lug 09:29:10 2015
**** Lianja error ****


mer 29. lug 09:29:12 2015
**** Lianja error ****
Property/Variable 'USER_EDT' not found

I think this is a error occurs inside a try – catch VFP code.
How can I see more detail?
Issue the following settings in the Lianja/VFP Command Window before you open the App then check the debug files.

set debug on
set debugcompile on
set debugtrace on


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