I have the app builder trial on my mac and am trying to deploy a desktop app to a couple of people on the network but am failing miserably.
The app is built and works fine and I’ve gotten the other guys to download and install the app centre but am unsure how to deploy to them. I tried creating a folder on the shared drive, which they have pointed to as the app folder during installation of App Centre but when they go to run app centre they get a blank screen without the user name and password text boxes. One of them got the text boxes after reinstalling and presumably pointing to the another folder as the app folder but it looked like it was unable to find it’s css file as the formatting was awful and the “login” link did nothing.
Also, which files should I deploy with the app? DO I need to deploy any system tables or files so that the formatting of the app looks correct or is that all copied to the deployment folder automatically?
Setup.exe and building windows installers is not relevant to deploying on macs.
The default deployment location for Lianja desktop Apps on WIndows is to the sub-folders of ‘C:\lianja\cloudserver\tenants\public\‘.
Apps – C:\lianja\cloudserver\tenants\public\apps\
Data – C:\lianja\cloudserver\tenants\public\data\
Library files – C:\lianja\cloudserver\tenants\public\library

For an alternative runtimedir (set during Installation, Command Switch or LIANJA_RUNTIMEDIR environment variable), the same folder structure needs to be in place drive:\lianja\cloudserver\tenants\public\…
The drive:\lianja\cloudserver\appcenter sub-folder and its files are also required. It contains the Lianja App Center Home screen/login pages.
If possible, install the App Center distribution on the deployment target then the folder structure and appcenter login files will be in place.
If you have set up users and roles for your App, then you need to deploy your system database as well as the database for your App.
Apps need to have their ‘Published‘ setting set to True or they will not appear in the App Center.

By deploying I still get the message “Redistribution file LianjaAppCenter 1.5 Windows cannot be found, download it and place it in c:\Lianja\redist.”
You need to download the distribution for the Lianja App Center. Do not install it, just place the downloaded distribution in your redist directory, then you can build installers that include the Lianja App Center distribution.

Just before an App is loaded if any of the following files exist in the app directory they are executed just before the app itself is loaded.

setup.prg (app builder)
setup.dbo (app center runtime)

The init delegate is then executed

The app UI is then loaded.

Followed by other delegates in this order for the App, the pages, the sections of each page and the fields and gadgets of the sections.

load delegates
ready delegates

when an App Center already exists, and I may not want to update it to the version we’re using in development, using an LPK would be, well, quick and easy
I’m afraid not. To install an lpk file you need the app builder installed.
it probably isn’t a bad idea if lianjaruntime.exe can take a few new command line arguments.
–install name.lpk
–upgrade name.lpk
Submit an ER.

A deployment problem. I select the database and click on Preview Changes, then I get “You must specify a remote server”. The only field to enter any server information is disabled.
The default settings for deployment are in the App Settings. If the Publisher is set to Copy, localhost is assumed and the Server is blank. For SFTP a Server is required.

If you create a new Deployment Settings profile as described here, you can edit the individual Deployment Settings to your requirements in the Deploy workspace itself (the example shown is deploying to a share point).

I followed these steps to generate an executable:

1. Select “Deploy”
2. Double click the “template” installer at the top left of the tree.
3. Click the build button.
4. Wait and watch.
5. Copy c: \ lianja \ installers \ template \ template-setup.exe to another machine.
6. Install it. This will install all the demo Apps. Customize it for whatever you want to install.

But then install and run correctly, run the lianjaruntime.exe and not my application appears Am I avoiding something? (All this I am doing the same PC where I am developing) … Can I send my App to “Lianja App Center” without building an .exe from my development environment?
To run on the same PC, an installer is not necessary. Publish & Deploy

In addition, do not install the independent Lianja App Centre in the development team.

Your App is working as you expect in the Lianja App Builder, but after you deploy it and click on its tile in the Lianja App Center nothing happens.

Check whether you have set the Dynamic contents App Setting to True.

If Dynamic contents is True, the App does not open, it is used as a Tile to display dynamic contents. Have a look at the 3 examples included in the distribution.


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