If you want to build apps as executables for Windows, macOS and Linux x86 and x64 in Lianja, on any OS, electron is for you.

Lianja 3.1 incorporates TypeScript and Electron simplifying enterprise RAD.

In Lianja 3.1 we have integrated support for building desktop executables for Windows, Mac and Linux. These can all be done on windows and distributed on Windows x86 and x64, MacOS x64 and Linux x86 and x64.

The Lianja integration with Electron is similar to the way you build PhoneGap mobile Apps using Lianja.

You develop your App visually using drag’n drop in the Lianja App Builder (APaaS Developer Edition) then configure, build(for any OS) and package(create an installer) the executable in the “Electron” workspace.

There is an introductory video on youtube about electron so you can get an idea of what you can achieve.
Electron: the hard parts made easy – https://youtu.be/8YP_nOCO-4Q

building desktop Electron apps (and PhoneGap mobile apps for iOS and Android) in Lianja visually is much easier than hand coding and can be accomplished quite easily by NoCode developers.

Electron embeds node.js also in such a way that packages installed with npm can be used in the app.

There is a lot more to this electron integration than meets the eye at first glance. For example, in my testing I have one app that I run as a desktop electron app, a web app and a PhoneGap mobile app — with no code changes needed.
Oh, and I should add that the
apps are hitting on the same data in the cloud concurrently.

Everything that works in a Web/Mobile App works in an Electron built App.

Electron: takes your browser app and makes it into an EXE with no dependencies.
Download and play, no install.
With Electron, you can
orient your app to be entirely mobile, and still get a desktop app. Which, of course, could be running on AWS.

some people can’t get passed not having a generated exe file, so Electron integration is really compelling.



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