Events sequence

I navigate to a different page using Lianja.activePage = page2 & the new page opens just fine.
I want to do some things when the page loads (move to a desired record or start add mode etc.). A few questions:

– I did some tests and page load/init/ready all fire when the app starts and never again, am I right in assuming that all pages load up at the start of the app?
– What event could I use to setup a page when navigating to it as above?
Events are called in the order init, load, ready and then activate for the active Page/Section.
When you navigate to a Page, its activate event is called.

In Lianja v2.1 when the
App Inspector is active, events are logged in the “Events” tab in both development view and runtime view.
In versions prior to v2.1 the events were only logged in runtime view. This provides more useful information when optimizing the speed of an App.

The object is available in the READY event, which fires before the Activate, so you should be able to access it there also if you have a need.

I think it’s better to indicate in which event additems method can be used to load initial value in the list or combo item when the app starts.
Use the ‘ready’ event. During development in the Lianja App Builder, the ‘ready’ event is called when the App is loaded, so just save and reload the App to force the ‘ready’ event to be called and see your new code.


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