I have a textbox placed in a canvas section that is to display a Canadian Postal Codes.
If I have the mask set as: A9A9A9 it does work however, how do I set the mask to accept a space: A9A 9A9?

I’m assuming a regular expression would work better although I’m not sure how to add the space (I believe it’s used as \s).
I’m guessing it would be something similar to ?[A-Za-z]{1}[0-9]{1}[A-Za-z]{1}[0-9]{1}[A-Za-z]{1}[0-9]{1}.
Any other suggestions on how to handle a postal code
For the space in the regular expression, you can just include a space. I came across this one, which looks like the sort of thing you need, although if you want to allow lower case, you’ll have to add that in.


That one apparently takes into account that not all of A-Z are valid starting characters.

Make sure you set a default, e.g. space(7) if it is not data bound.
the ‘?’ prefix is added for Lianja to indicate that the mask is a regular expression


For anyone else following along, here is a regular expression that should handle most current zip codes or postal codes (case insensitive although UPPER CASE is the standard method).


[EDITED] see next Cory’s post:

Regular expression input masks are not supported in Web/Mobile Apps.

issue with the Currency mask in a Grid Section Column was resolved in a subsequent release.


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