What would be a step by step to create a Lianja windows service?
Method 1: .bat file calling app with lianjaruntime.exe –app appname Run as Windows Scheduled Task, set to run on startup, with highest permissions.
Method 2: srvany.exe — blog post by Calvin Hsai here:…13/282351.aspx

Do I have to uninstall then download/install the current version?
I have always just installed over, without a problem.
Before you install the current version, you will want to delete all the rollback directories under c:\lianja. These are from prior installs, and slow down the installation process.
There is no harm in uninstalling first: all your files are left.

I have reinstalled “LianjaAPaaSDeveloper-1.5-windows-installer”. (Just ran the exe.)
No error message. Lianja App Center is OK, but get startup screen and Hang only for Lianja App Builder.
I’ve seen the Home Windows 7 versions fail on various installs, fwiw. You should be using a Professional version.

if I have to install Lianja 3.0 on top of linja 2 and the upgrade is done automatically or I need to uninstall version 2 and install version 3.
How about the application we already developed in version 2? Should I re-compile it and re-deploy it with this new version?
you can install over.


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