Layout and positioning

Form Sections handle layout automatically, but maybe you want to make the Captions for formitems smaller, to give more room for the data.

The Form Section Caption width attribute allows you to do just that:

I,m still struggling with the fact that I have to give all the textboxes (and other objects that I use more than once) the same properties.
I know that classes (copy and use in the app) will there be in the future, but is there a possiblity to click on an object in the section and copy it ?
properties I most use are widht and formats sometimes color.
Another example is an visual form (as in VFP) with height and width that I can fill with visual object without coding.
I know there is a workaround because you can design a page,save it, and display it with Showdialog().
But this is not the solution I want, because there are restrictions, if you place code in the PageSection, it will mostly generate an error in the Showdialog.
Also remove the original page from the app gives a problem, you can’t change the page anymore.

Canvas Section ‘Advanced Controls’ can be aligned and given the same appearance attributes using ‘Align’ and ‘Format’.
Form Sections have attributes allowing you to set the size and layout of formitems (field caption+data) section-wide.
Pages to be used as UI Pages with Lianja.showDialog() and Lianja.showDialogPanel()should be created in a separate App from the one(s) from which they will be called – for example the customerlist UI Page used in the sample lianjademo App is in the ui_mypagelibrary (mypagelibrary in earlier versions) App, so can be modified when required.

I’m creating a page with a canvas and quite a few comboboxes and textboxes on the Mac and when I deploy to other people’s PCs I find the fonts are massive making the captions look pretty awful.
Have a look at the ‘Caption size‘ and ‘Data size‘ attributes for the Canvas Section:

I can’t seem to group items and resize them all at once.
Canvas Section ‘Advanced Controls’ can be aligned and given the same appearance attributes using ‘Align’ and ‘Format’. Use click to select the first control then shift-click to select the others as a group.

Unlike Lianja, Visual FoxPro does not support layouts which are responsive and auto adjust their contents.
In Lianja, ‘Layout‘ can be Vertical‘, ‘Horizontal‘ or Form‘ or just unset.
To use absolute positioning you do not need to specify a layout.

A ‘Form’ Layout can only be used with the addRow() method not the addObject() method.

When using ‘Vertical’, all objects added to the container with no height specified will be laid out with the same height. If you want a control to be a fixed height set its fixedheight property. Same goes for ‘Horizontal’ and fixedwidth.

You can also set ‘spacing’ and ‘margin’ on a container.
Containers can themselves contain containers so, for example, you can add horizontal containers to a vertical container and everything will automatically adjust to the size of the base container e.g. a Form.


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