Lianja files

what is the use of RSO file in the project folder? Is it the same as RSP file?
Every RSP file also has a RSO file.
.rsp files are dynamically compiled into .rso object files. This is then executed. The compilation is only done if the rsp file is newer than the rso file.

What is the map and format of the config.db ?
The map (C:\lianja\cloudserver\tenants\public\) is still empty.
config.db is not present in the lianja-structure.
I tried “set currency to ..” in just one page in an init-event.
But of cours, it belongs in a config or setting-screen..
For development purposes you can create a config.db in the .\Lianja\conf\ directory and put your SET commands there.
config.db resides in the conf directiory, under Lianja for desktop apps, and under <drive>:\cloudwserver\tenants\public for web apps.
The command in config.db can be any of the SET commands.
The config.db must be compiled. And at least until 1.3, both files must be deployed to the conf directory.



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