when I set an external library loaded with SET PROCEDURE TO, I lose access to the custom library functions or both are available?
You will still have access to your App’s custom library/libraries.
You can use SET PROCEDURE TO <lib> ADDITIVE for multiple extra procedure/function libraries.
The ADDITIVE means that it is opened in addition to any existing libraries.
The LIST PROCEDURE command will list the procedures and functions that are currently defined.

I have a page, “Leave_balance” in my app
I opened my app and goto “Console” workspace
When I issue the command, “Lianja.ShowDialog(“Some title”,”Leave_Balance”), the system display only a blank popup window instead of my page in the popup window.
Lianja.showDialog() displays pages from the UI page library not the current app.
Save the page in the UI a Page library to be able to use it like that.


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