Can an aPaaS version and a cloud server co-exists on the same box (with only the cloud server server running)?
With Lianja APaaS Developer, the product key applies to both the Lianja App Builder and the Lianja Cloud Server.
If you deactivate the license in the Lianja Cloud Server, or activate a Lianja Cloud Server only product key, the Lianja App Builder
will also have its key deactivated.

I lost the email with my serial number, Where can I find it in Lianja ?
Please email from your purchasing email address and include the product name if you have purchased more than one product.

on my notebook I’ve a traditional HD and a SSD Drive.
I’ve installed Lianja on C drive, how to I can move to the D drive?

Activate ?


After problems with 2 PCs – HD replacements I have reinstalled “LianjaAPaaSDeveloper-1.5-windows-installer”. (Just ran the exe.)
No error message. Lianja App Center is OK, but get startup screen and Hang only for Lianja App Builder.
Running with “–reset” makes no difference.
If you have already activated the license it cannot be activated on another computer which is the case if you changed the HD.
If this is a clean install and you have an internet connection Lianja will run in 30-day trial mode.
Maybe its time to upgrade to v2 and keep with current developments as v1.5 is now no longer supported.
if the app center runs and the app builder will not it may be a licensing issue.
I’ve seen the Home Windows versions fail on various installs, fwiw. You should be using a Professional version.

I uninstalled Lianja on my Hong Kong machine (via Teamviewer) and then tried to install Lianja on another computer. When I enter my Activation Key I get the error message “License Activation Failed (FFFFFE93)
If you have activated 3 times then license activation will fail.
The OP was trying to activate Lianja APaaS Developer using a Lianja Cloud Server license.

I’m planning to deploy my first App on a server (Win 2k8) and just installed the Cloud server.
Unfortunately, when I try to activate the product with the license I bought, nothing happened after clicking on Activate button.
The server is connected to internet.
Should I install the Sql Server 2.0.1 and use the same license as APaaS developper instead of the Cloud server?
The issue was about the server license which I already activated on my development laptop. After the de-activation on my laptop, I was able to activate the license on the production server.

My laptop on which I installed my APP builder’s license was broken and I had to reinstall it from scratch and couldn’t deactivate my license. I have used actually 2 licenses (1 on my laptop) and the other on the deployment server where I had issue of LAN deployment from my laptop.
I would like to know if there is a way to recovery this license . I didn’t yet activate the license on this new installation I made on me laptop.
Send an email to asking them to deactivate the license on their side.
I have some experience with this


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