For64-bit Fedora 18 and Fedora 19 systems, please make sure you have the libpng12 package installed – this can be installed alongside the default libpng-1.5.x package.
If you experience any difficulties running the installers in the default graphical modes (gtk or Xwindow), please run in text mode as follows:

sudo ./xxx-installer.bin --mode text

This also applies to recent versions of OpenSUSE.

System tables like sysindexinfo operate on databases, not directories.
Ask your
Centos system administrators if they can create a symbolic link to your directory from the /opt/lianja/server/data/ directory, e.g.

ln -s /home/cory/test/testdata /opt/lianja/server/data/testdata

That way, you will be able to use sysindexinfo, but will not need to change your DSN.

Added a new command line switch to simplify the sharing of data across a LAN between windows and linux. Specify–networkshare as a runtime command line switch or SET NETWORKSHARE ON in your config file. When –networkshare is specified then the path inside the database catalog is ignored and the tables are always accessed inside the database directory.

Note: If you want to share databases between windows and Linux you should always use lowercase names for the tables as linux filenames are case sensitive.

We need to run our program automatically (absolutely no user intervention) at system startup on linux
If you want to build a Linux self extracting installer that will work across all Linux platforms take a look here:


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