If I have a linux server, can I have a few session of my app running in multiple touch screen monitors by different users with each user running a different independent session from the other users?
I am looking at 3-5 touch screen monitors running different instance of the same app.
this is no different from the user perspective than running an app over remote desktop or citrix, where multiple users run against the same EXE. The big difference in Linux is that you aren’t running <n> copies of the OS, as Linux carves out different memory areas for each user’s variables, and so is much more efficient.
Linux us a multi user / multi tasking operating system. Each user who logs in runs concurrently alongside other users. It is highly scaleable and we have sites serving 1500+ concurrent desktop users running Lianja database Apps.
There are various RDP solutions for linux that enable remote PCs to run GUI desktop Apps but I would recommend building Lianja Web / Browser bassed Apps that run against the Lianja Cloud Server hosted on linux.



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