I’ve just migrated to Lianja 2.0, but I’ve some problem with some char… à, °…
also if I rewrite it, after reload the app, there are wrong..
Did you convertutf8 app <appname> and set your Lianja App Builder shortcut to include the –utf8 command line switch?

in my app, I call a RSP page:

<%@ Language=VFP %>
<Meta http-equiv="Content-Type" content="text/html; charset=UTF-8">

        if (typeof window.parent !== 'undefined' && typeof window.parent.Lianja !== 'undefined')
                window.Lianja = window.parent.Lianja;

        private lnI
        lnI = 0
        public rspbusy
        rspbusy = .T.

        set macros on
        set fixed on

From this RSP page, I return a value, selected by user.
The Value is “Rosè“, but from code, I get “Ros?”.
How can I convert to UTF-8?
recommend that all apps should be developed and deployed as utf-8.

Tip: To convert a string containing codepage characters to UTF-8, use the strconv( string [,codepage] ) function. By default the “codepage” used will be your locale codepage.



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