Manipulation in App Builder

Lianja also saves changes you make to your App, so if you find that you’ve broken something you can use the Versions Workspace to restore an earlier version of the App.

LPK, how can I unpack it? were put it?
Unpack your .lpk file from the Apps Workspace. Just click the ‘Install package’ button and it will open a file dialog to allow you to select your package.

After selecting a UI control in a canvas section there are two shortcut keys available also.

F4 edits the “default” delegate for the UI control e.g. “click delegate” for a CommandButton or “Changed delegate” for a TextBox etc

F5 slides in the “Attributes” panel from the right for the selected control.

I can’t see how to change the font used by the script editor. Is this possible?
unfortunately not.

how can I add a new page that another?
how can Iinclude a page from another application into a new application?
If it is an App on your machine, you can use Templates.

Is it possible to copy or move fields (including delegate code of course) between sections?
You can save a whole Section as a Template and load it from the Sections button in the Form Tools.

Also, you can use the Format and Align options to match the properties of grouped controls. This includes making them the CSS style, which could cover multiple presentation properties.

It won’t automatically handle delegate code, although it will save the attributes with defined delegate names, custom library etc. If your section has its own custom library, rather than a Page or App one, then you could copy that to the library and add it back into the new App or leave it in the library and access it with lib:/.

You cannot currently copy an individual field between sections.


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