Virtual Tables are mainly used for accessing third party SQL databases such as MSSQL and MySQL.
However, If you want to run the Lianja Cloud Server on one machine and the Lianja SQL Server on another (think load balanced cloud connections) then VTs are one of the solutions.
You can also configure the Cloud Server to access shared data on another machine.

So there are a variety of solutions for scaling out Apps which have a lot of concurrent users.
If you are building Web Apps that use the native Lianja database, this is embedded in the Cloud Server. This makes it very fast as there is no communication to the external SQL server. The functionality is better and the performance is very good.
With the ability to also use VTs in .rsp dynamic pages in v1.3 the sky is the limit for integrating external data sources.

We now have OData working well with MSSQL and MySQL.
In v1.3 ODBC connections are kept alive across queries which is showing very good performance. This screenshot below will give you an idea.
These OData functions are used internally with Web Apps so in a short while Virtual Tables will be fully functional in the Web Client.


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