oRequest.putFile("'myUserName'&password='myPassword' ",xmlName)

You can however only use http:// or https:// not ftp:// with “NetworkRequest”
If you want to upload using sftp i would recommend that you look at using the chilkat components for Lianja from

I would like to have the targetFile and source file both coming from variables.
It works Ok with source file as xmlName where xmlName contains something like “C:\Lianja\Data\timeline\9-11.XML”.
But targetFile resists my attempts to use a variable. I would like to pass through a file name and a subdirectory on my Host.
So TargetFile would be something like “/DataXML/filename.xml”.
You can substitute variables into strings using &varname. which would let you use variables. Otherwise you can just create the character variable and use that as an argument to the method call.
Try omitting the / from the start of the target file. Does that directory already exist and if so does it have the correct permissions.
it may be that the target can only be a filename.
One solution would be to have a username that when logged in uses a different directory on the ftp server but that would require some configuration and is Server dependent.

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