NonDesktop apps

Hi, I am struggling a bit with the concept of which code runs where (if there is a doc which explains this please point me to it).
If I use php code (which I would assume is server-side) a message is popped up just fine in the IDE and in Desktop mode but I get nothing in web/tablet/mobile mode?

// Event delegate for 'click' event
function Test_section1_field1_click()

If php is indeed running server-side then surely this should never show a message at the client?
The other thing that I am not sure about is that “Lianja.ShowMessage” is not like any php code I have seen, surely this should be “$Lianja->ShowMessage”?
I get it now that delegates in JavaScript will work in web & desktop apps. It would appear then that PHP is kinda treated as a ‘client-side’ script for desktop apps?
Would the correct place to put server-side business logic then be JavaScript/Lianja Server Pages? How do you create those files? can they be debugged?
My questions are coming form the fact that I have used PHP/JavaScript extensively so am trying to relate the Lianja client/server bits to what I know.
In PHP . Is used to add strings together so :: is required to be used.
Lianja/VFP, Python and JavaScript use . to reference properties and methods
whereas PHP uses ::

You currently use javascript on the client and Lianja/VFP on the server side when you want to call server side procedures.
The equivalent of .php pages are .rsp pages or .jssp pages as documented in the Developers Guide.

.php pages generate dynamic HTML content.

.rsp pages generate dynamic HTML content but with embedded Lianja/VFP data centric scripting.
.jssp pages generate dynamic HTML content using server side javascript.
These are used to render WebView sections in Lianja.

Most sections are automatically data bound as can be seen in the example Apps.
Server side PHP and Python scripts are on the roadmap. The others are already supported in Lianja Cloud Server.

you test your server side Lianja/VFP procedures in desktop mode.

You test and debug client side javascript delegates in the web app view.

if you are building desktop Apps, you can build them in Lianja/VFP, JavaScript, PHP or Python. The latter two are not yet supported in the Lianja Cloud Server but will be as detailed in the development roadmap.
Lianja is all about visually designing Apps out of pages and sections. This is all described in the developers guide and the videos. It’s not code centric, it is data centric with a high level of abstraction.


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