NonDesktop apps

Building a web app with Visual FoxPro Code only.
vfpwebdemo –

I would like the VFP9 app to be able to communicate with the Lianja database either remotely or on the same network, depending on the settings of the implementation. I have a few different clients that use my VFP6 app, and some may prefer to host the Lianja database on their own servers, while others may prefer to use a third party hosting service in the cloud. From Barry’s response, I gather that as long as VFP9 accesses the Lianja SQL Server via the Lianja ODBC driver, either configuration would work. Would this work using an Amazon AWS-hosted instance of Lianja Cloud Server?
Yes. Lianja SQL Server is part of the Lianja Cloud Server install. When you create an AWS EC2 instance it has a FQDN which you can point to from DNS e.g. You purchase a meaningful domain name from network solutions (or other) and set it up to point at your AWS FQDN. So yes is the answer.

So you can have web apps sharing the data with Lianja SQL server and VFP accessing the data using an ODBC connection to Lianja SQL server.

Lianja ODBC driver communicates with the server using TCP/IP so it can in fact be used across the Internet.

When the cloud server us running Lianja SQL is running too.

Yes, RSP. Use the benefit of CRUD in Lianja Framework. Delegates need to be written in language:

Client side: js
Server side: VFP (PHP is on the roadmap)
Client and server sides need to be separated.

Some quotes:

Building Web / Mobile Apps requires a traditional client / server design approach.
What at we have done is provide the equivalent of the VFP base classes and many of the VFP built-in functions in the Lianja Web Framework. This allows you to create objects, call their methods and get/set their properties just as you would in VFP, albeit in javascript.
Everthing in Lianja revolves around the Lianja Object Model and ART (Actions, Rules and Transitions).
All data processing (CRUD operations) is performed on the server.
You can
use Lianja.evaluate() in javascript to call server side procedures that are all written in VFP.

You currently use javascript on the client and Lianja/VFP on the server side when you want to call server side procedures.
The equivalent of .php pages are .rsp pages or .jssp pages as documented in the Developers Guide.

.php pages generate dynamic HTML content.
.rsp pages generate dynamic HTML content but with embedded Lianja/VFP data centric scripting.
.jssp pages generate dynamic HTML content using server side javascript.
These are used
to render WebView sections in Lianja.
Most sections are automatically data bound as can be seen in the example Apps.
Server side PHP and Python scripts are on the roadmap. The others are already supported in Lianja Cloud Server.
test your server side Lianja/VFP procedures in desktop mode.
test and debug client side javascript delegates in the web app view.



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