How do you change pages programaticaly ?


Showdocument(), which can be called as a function or as a method on the Lianja System Object.

If the page on which the user enters the sales order, after entering the account code, I want to display all of its sales quotation ..
I can use a Sidebar, where I show the list the valid offers?
If you want a ‘Sidebar’ (and not the standard left sidebar with logo, menu, favorites etc.), you can use a Lianja.showdialogpanel() to display a UI Page or a Page Navigation Panel set to use a ‘Custom UI page‘.
Either of these would allow you to design a Page with your required Sections and set/get values using Lianja.get(“page.section.field”).property.

You also have the option of using the Page Right Sidebar with a Custom Content Gadget based on an rsp script containing VFP/HTML/JavaScript.

If I set the Page Header to Visible = .F., the headerbar is shown, even if in the Apps Setting Hide Header Bar = .T.

That’s to allow for Page navigation when you have no Page Header and no Left Sidebar with the Page menu.

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