a quick start guide to developing a Mobile App in Lianja v2.0.#1: Create a new project. This will contain all the images and other resources your mobile app uses.
#2: Create a
new App or add an existing mobile app to the project.
#3: Check the
Login required” attribute in the App Settings.
Subscribe to the Adobe PhoneGap Build Service if you have not already done so.
#5. Build your mobile App in the “
PhoneGap” workspace.
#6: Using a free
QR Code Reader (which you can download from the app stores) install your Lianja mobile app on your mobile device.

Touch your App icon on the phone (or tablet).
When the App loads you will see a splash screen (configurable in the PhoneGap workspace settings),
then the login page will be displayed.
Note that the baseurl specified in the PhoneGap workspace settings determines the location of your Lianja Cloud Server.
By default during development, if this is not specified your development machine Cloud Server will be used.

This authentication page is configurable by setting “Mobile configuration” attributes in the “App settings” dialog.
The icon, title, subtitle and background image can all be configured by app settings attributes.

Alternatively, there is a new page attribute “Login page“. You can design your own authentication page which will be used rather than the default one.

Specify your “User ID” and the “Password” then touch “Sign In”.
The “
Initial page” as specified in the App Settings dialog will be displayed.
Note that you can specify individual transitions for each page in your App e.g. slide, flip etc.

Touching the Hamburger” menu in the top right will slide in the “Page Navigation” menu , allowing you to switch between pages.

You can visually develop your mobile app iteratively and rebuild it from Step #5 above.


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