1. Complete integrated support for building and testing Lianja PhoneGap mobile Apps for phones and tablets.

You develop your Apps locally then see the changes instantly on your mobile device (iOS, Android and WinPhone). There is no need to re-sign, re-compile, or reinstall your app to test your code as Lianja App Builder integrates in with the Adobe Developer App which is a free download for iOS (Apple App Store), Android (Google Play) and Windows Phone (Windows Phone App Store).

Running the Adobe Developer App on your mobile device and entering the IP address of the machine that Lianja App Builder is running on, you will see your app on the mobile device changing dynamically as you develop it visually in Lianja.
There is no need to install any SDK or other software (everything is included in Lianja APaaS Developer) and you can develop and test iOS, Android and WinPhone Apps on any of the operating systems that Lianja APaaS Developer runs on.

Additionally, as you change the visual appearance and/or code of your App in the Lianja App Builder, the mobile app will instantly show your latest changes. With access to device APIs not available in web browsers, you don’t have to sacrifice the confidence that your app will work as you intended on the devices you are targeting.

2. Integration with the Adobe PhoneGap build service (in the “Project” and “Deploy” workspaces) to package up mobile apps, upload them to the build service and build installable Android and iOS Apps that can be submitted to the Apple App Store and Google Play.

Building PhoneGap Mobile Apps from a Project
Apache Cordova provides APIs and packaging tools for creating mobile Apps for Android and iOS devices.

PhoneGap is built on top of Cordova. PhoneGap provides a remote building interface at Adobe PhoneGap Build that lets you package an App in the cloud. If you select the “Adobe PhoneGap Build Service” Tab you can register with Adobe to use the Adobe PhoneGap Build service.

While PhoneGap makes it easy to package up an App, you still need a certificate and an AppID for each platform for the market in which you want to distribute your app, such as for Google Play or the Apple App Store.
The PhoneGap Build service requires an application to be packaged in a specific manner and only requires the assets of your application.
Lianja App Builder will soon integrate tools to simplify working with PhoneGap and for packaging up and building Apps that can be submitted to the various App stores.

You create a project, specify the settings for “PhoneGap”, “Android” and/or “iOS” then in the “Deploy” workspace you “Build PhoneGap App” after selecting your project from the “Deploy” workpace files tree.
All of the information needed for using the Adobe PhoneGap build service can be specified in the “PhoneGap Build Settings” Tab.
When building a Mobile App, Lianja App Builder will create a directory which contains your html, css, images, js files, etc. in:

x:\lianja\mobileapps\platform\ (Windows)
/opt/lianja/mobileapps/platform (linux)
/Users/yourusername/Library/Application Support/Lianja/mobileapps/platform (Mac)

for each device you select to build an App for. It will then create the necessary .zip file which matches the name of the project and upload this to the Adobe PhoneGap Build service for you and request the build.
So for example if you are creating an android App from a project on windows and the project name is myapp then this file will be created and uploaded.
c:\lianja\mobileapps\platform\android\myapp\myapp. zip
Similarly if you are creating an iOS App from a project on windows and the project name is myapp then this file will be created and uploaded.
The c:\lianja\mobileapps\platform\device\myapp\ directory will contain the PhoneGap assets needed to create the .zip file (where device is android, ios or windows).
After the build completes, you will be notified by email when the builds are ready for download.
Note that the functionality for building PhoneGap mobile Apps using the Adobe PhoneGap Build Service will be made available in Lianja App Builder v1.4 NOT in v1.3.


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