Let say I want to add a custom method, “Export_CSV”, to a “Report” section that allow it to export the report data to CSV.
I would then call this method programmatically from a click event
You would not add a custom method to a page. You would just add the proc to the custom library for the page and call the proc from a section menu or section footer click.

In Lianja v2.0 the ODBC Driver has had a major upgrade so that Lianja SQL Server can now work well with the latest version of Crystal Reports. So if you have an urgent reporting requirement you can use Crystal Reports which is pretty much the most popular report designer.

Do lianja have an alternative way of printing reports aside from webview?
– Print as a PDF.
– Generate as a text file and print the text file.
– Generate PDF formatting yourself.
Fix your paper size and it will scale properly.

What is with printing possibilitys. Are there thiongs like Reports? PDF-Export?
The development view of the App Builder has print and pdf options from the ‘Additional actions’ (Instant Report). Sections have a print button optionally displayed in the header and the section.print() method can be called programatically. WebView Sections also have their own print() and printpreview() methods.

Can I generate a report in “section report” to select fields from different tables
and the selection variables are used something like: SELECT table1.field1, TABLE1.FIELD2, TABLE2.FIELD1 FORM TABLE1, TABLE2, WHERE table1.field1 = TABLE2. FIELD1 = VAR1 AND table1.field1 can occupy a cursor on “SECTION REPORT”?
The ‘Report Section’ is a ‘WebView Section’ and uses report.rsp (Library) to generate the report. You can see the code of the Library and also use it as a template for a custom report in a WebView Section. Report.rsp check the ‘table’ (attribute passed as a parameter) is already open. If the table does not open. So a cursor can be used, if open. Or a ‘virtual table’ (open or not, ‘local’ ConnStr)


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