rsp files contain HTML and directives that embed scripting code so that HTML can dynamically generated.
When the rsp file is executed it is compiled at that point in time if no corresponding rso file exists or the rsp file is newer than the rso file.

You should be copying report.rsp to your own name not editing the standard one which will be overwritten on an update.

The error is displayed in the webview with a traceback.
Variables are saved to the error directory
rsp pages are just like PHP pages but you write in Lianja/VFP rather than PHP.
use the codebehind directive which will let you have a prg embedded in the rsp page.

If a compile error occurs the following files have the information in:




SET DEBUGOUT ON and DEBUGOUT commands can now be used in .rsp pages to assist in debugging.
If an error occurs and SET DEBUGOUT is ON then error details are written to a file in the lianja\debug directory.
This file is called firecat_debugXXX.txt where XXX is the unique connection id as many requests can occur concurrently.

You do not compile an rsp file. It is done for you.
You do not COMPILE filename.rsp

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