setting a form field as ‘Search field‘ + ‘User-selectable search field’ means the user can click the field they want to use in the main form search.
What I don’t get what it means if ‘Search Field’ is set but ‘User selectable’ is not set
You can set one ‘Search Field’ or set one or more user selectable ones.

user will be able to choose from a drop-down combo box. Based on the value selected in the combo-box, the rest of the form will be updated.
– Set the search field on the section (e.g. employees.lastname)
Add a Field and set its choices (e.g. select lastname from employees)
– Create an interactivechange delegate for the combobox field to search for the value

Lianja Web Client has built-in support for queries called “Instant Selections“?
Setup and instant selection.

Deploy your App from the “Web App View”.
Now your users can query data based on known selections.



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