Stored procedure

You can pass parameters to your stored procedure, e.g. nret = sqlexec(nhand,”call sp_demo(‘MA’)”,”mycursor”)

Currently, the ‘.prg’ needs to be present for stored procedures. This will be resolved in a future release, so that only the ‘.dbo

Lianja SQL Server lets you call stored procedures (or in fact just procedures) that use SEEK/SCAN/etc NoSQL commands inside them.

Server-side pages (
.rsp pages written in VFP compatible scripting) provide the same level of functionality in the cloud.
Best of both worlds NoSQL and SQL.

I created a stored procedure in “southwind” database through Lianja App builder. I named is as
select * from order_details into cursor cc

I can run this in console and can browse cc cursor.
How can I call this or any other stored procedure from “Lianja Sql Server” to VFP ?
call sp_name()
to to get multiple result sets issue two sqlexec() calls.

In VFP, a Databsae file (.DBC), saved all sotred procedures in field named as ‘code‘.
We can
edit any procedure with ‘modify procedure.
Can we have multiple stored procedures in a single sp_library.prg file ?
You edit stored procedures in the “Data” workspace for the database table.

No. Lianja will look for the stored procedure by filename in the database container directory.


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