Lianja.exe crashed with a stopped responding windows message error box, there were no error numbers. When restarted the home screen is blank.


Try restarting the Lianja App Builder using the –reset command line switch, then reopen your App. If reopening your App causes the crash again, please package it and any required data and attach to the ticket. Then use the Versions workspace to restore a previously saved version of your App.


I am trying to sort a grid using the following code from a command button:

oGrid = Lianja.get("Production.Assembly").grid
oGrid.sort(11,1) //sortsoGrid.refresh() grid in ascending order by Estimated Ship Date

It works fine in the App Builder, but does not work when I deploy it and place in the working area.


Try adding the –debug switch to the Lianja App Center shortcut command line, then check the debug_clientXXXX.txt file in drive:\lianja\debug\.


review shows a blank screen

Name:  lj-blank.jpg Views: 19 Size:  22.2 KB

Browser view is ok. I have tried restarting the PC

Right-click in the panel and choose ‘Inspect’ and see if any (red) errors are reported in the Console.


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