I’ve a Form Section, with a Grid Gadget.

If I try to set:
oGridGadget = lianja.get(“mypage.section.gridgadget”)
oGridGadget.setattr(“controlSource”, “filterricerca”)
I get the error:
gio ott 6 10:10:16 2016
**** Lianja error ****
USE “filterricerca” IN 0
File ‘filterricerca.dbf’ does not exist

where filterricerca is a cursor:
create cursor filterricerca (&cursorField)
select filterricerca
append blank

Is possible to use a cursor as a datasource of a Grid Gadget?


No, it expects a table name.


I believe you can also use temp tables (at least that how I understand them) instead of a cursor.

If you select into a table that has a name that starts with an underscore, it is not part of the database.
select * from a into _temp1.

You can create a temporary table that is not in the database.

I know of two ways.

1. Create table c:\tempfabio free(Firstname Char(10), Id int)

By using the word free, it keeps it standalone.

2. use a table that starts with an underscore.

Select * from masterfabio into table _tempfabio



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