What sections/gadgets can i use for adding and displaying multiple images for one record, similar to the fancybox gallery for web pages?
The number of images to upload and display is not fix, could be 2,3,4….up to say max 10.


For a variable number of images, I would separate them out into individual records in another table with a key/ID to relate them. That way you could display the main record and have a related section for the images. For example, you could use a CatalogView section and specify a filter (CatalogView options): childkey = {parent.parentkey}. You can then use the delegates to open an expanded view of the image if required.…ogView_Options

Here’s a quick example of using OCR in lianja to pull text/data from an image.
I am using pytesseract, an open source version of googles tesseract OCR engine.
I am also using the Lianja Draw method and opencv.


I created a blank page, added a form section, dropped a table into it containing 3 fields (name, tel, photo). In Preview mode, i can add a new record with name and tel. However, I edit records and try to double click the image field without response. So how can i upload a new photo?
Name:  imageupload.jpg Views: 21 Size:  20.3 KB

Name:  imageupload2.jpg Views: 21 Size:  65.0 KB


when you create a new Section by dragging field from the data source, I think is better to drag separately this kind of field..


I deleted the photo field, and re-drag and drop the field from the table. And it works now.



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