I have a file in the library called convert2.dbo
I am trying to call the file like so:

c:\lianja\bin\lianjaruntime.exe lib:/convert2dbo.dbo  --args "'TEST5_1_000001.jpg','TEST5_1_025001.jpg',50,'R:\test5\test5_ROLL2',2,'test5'"

I have also tried


But not luck.

When I change it back to a file in the application it runs fine.


Lianjaruntime.exe has no idea, on its own, where lib: is. Even if you are calling it with a run or spawn from inside Lianja. It’s in its own process.

You can specify –runtimedir to tell it where these files dirs are: this would (perhaps: I have a memory of it not doing so) make the LIB files automatically available.

You can specify –dir to set the default directory (the equivalent of having selected an app).

I have code that predates these switches where I use left(sys(16),3) in the .dbo I’m calling to get the current drive and then figure everything out from there. Only works in Windows.  I should change it to set(“dire”) which is also in Lianja now. That would make it OS independent. That particular SET(“directory”) command never got documented in VFP, although it was brought to their attention. It was very handy in VFP and is even handier here.



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