concurrent user based licensing

Does Lianja have any mechanism for controlling the total number of concurrent users?

Does Lianja provide any mechanism to prevent multiple logins on the same user account?


One of the advantages of the ISV program is that you can request licenses limited by connections. A single user uses up to 6 async connections from the browser.

A single user can login and have 6 connections active on the same account.

There is no mechanism for preventing a named user from logging in multiple times and in fact the tabbed UI of browsers would be less useful if that was the case.

So, as an ISV you have unlimited Cloud Server distribution as part of your annual subscription. When you want to deploy to a customer site you can request a license and specify customer license information and max concurrent connections. We then monitor the number of active connections and refuse the connection if it exceeds the # licensed.

I should also add that there are undocumented functions that provide the ability to handle licensing; Activate, Deactivate, get license fields including # concurrent connections and type of license. These are provided to ISVs.


How would the ISV license apply to a single tenanted server set-up?


Each Cloud Server that runs needs to be licensed. There is only one license activated, so if that has connection limits those limits will be applied.

As an ISV, you would request a license with all the details and you will be emailed a license key.

Licensing is handled in the cloud and ISVs use the same licensing system as we do. This is included in the ISV program.


I bought the Lianja APaaS Developer for Windows, May I install APaaS in server and install only Lianja App Builder in another computer that use the same activation code?


The cloud server included with APaaS developer is only licensed for local development. You need to purchase a Cloud Server to install on another server.



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