i,ve set up a simple db for my clients (tax)

3 tables clients,income, expenses. Looks fine on the page.

Did the relationship as per videos. Obviously there is more to

it. They really don’t seem to be related.


Check that the Relationship Builder has selected the correct column from the parent and the child tables to set up the relationship. You can see these by hovering your mouse over the – sign on the relation diagram or by looking at the child Section attributes (Related Data). You can modify the Parent key and Child key attributes if these are not your required values.


section3(orders) <<-> section1(customers) <->> section2(comments)

section1 is a parent to 2 children.

When you click + to relate sections (=tables), if there are same field names, Lianja will know to relate.
Section1 (customers) and section3 (orders) have the same field CUSTOMERID and will be set automatically.

To relate section1 (customers) and section2 (comments), there are no fields with identical names. you need to set manually for the child section2:

Name:  Screenshot - 14.2.2017. , 20_04_44.png Views: 83 Size:  4.8 KB





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