On click “Generate Report”-> Lianja.evaluate(“report_htm()”)
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In server script “report_htm.prg”, I only have the following codes:



m.cFile = "htmlfile&(getpid()).htm"
m.nResult=StrToFile(m.cStr, m.cFile)

I tested in the console Lianja.evaluate(“_testreport()”), and it does create a file. However, when I run it a browser it fails. I also tried fwrite without success.


Try this:

m.cFile = tmpnam(".htm")
m.htmlrep = "c:\lianja\cloudserver\tenants\public\wwwroot\\zzzzw\rpt_template.htm"
m.nResult=StrToFile(m.cStr, m.cFile)

That saves to the default temporary directory: C:\lianja\server\tmp\ (can be changed in the Lianja Server Manager-> Settings) and specifies where to find the rpt_template.htm. (I’ll check re the App dir, should be able to do that without hard-coding).


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