I created an app to use in a showdialogpanel.

It originally had two script files, which I have condensed down to 1 file.

However, in the app that calls the page in showdialogpanel, it is still looking for that first file which is no longer present or needed.

I have re-saved the dialog app to the page library and all functionality is there.

How do I remove all references do this file?


Check the Page you are saving as Library UI Page – does it have a Page Custom Library and a Section Custom Library set still?


I have an app that shows a partial selection of a list.
I want to use a showdialog to display the entire list.

There seems to be some issue when trying to use the same table in the showdialogpanel as in the open app.
I have tried manually to close and re-open the table shared, but no luck.

this is only an issue if I use a standard grid section.
If I use a custom VFP section and add the grid, it works fine.


In your rsp file

Push datasession

pop datasession


if you use a standard component, in the App Builder, the table is opened in an “exclusive” way.
In my test application (I do not have time to work ..) I do a select in a cursor ..



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