Audit trails and data security go hand in hand and it is highly desirable that this functionality is built-in.

Lianja database timelines provide row versioning for database tables for all CRUD operations performed on data. Whenever a change is made to a table that is timeline enabled then delta changes are automatically recorded for each transaction. Changes made to any tables that are timeline enabled can be undone much like you would undo changes to program code that you edit in a text editor.

Database timelines record who did what from where, when did they do it and what did they change. An invaluable feature for SaaS applications.In Lianja 4.1 you can enable timelines globally for a database.

alter database yourdatabase metadata "timeline=on"

This will enable timelines for all non temporary tables contained within the database. You can disable timelines for individual tables like this:

alter table yourtable metadata "timeline=off"


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