PanelView [examples]

The Custom section menu Custom delegate is called when a menuitem or sub menuitem is selected. The lowercase menuitem text is passed to the delegate, e.g. ‘item1’. For sub menuitems this is prefixed with the parent menuitem and a ‘|’, e.g. ‘item4|sub2’.

The ‘Lianja PanelView Demo’ uses Auto select rather than the Custom section menu Custom delegate to select individual panels.

The code below demonstrates how the same functionality would be handled in a Custom delegate (JavaScript) in the Lianja Web Client:

// Event delegate for 'customsectionmenu' event
function page1_section1_customsectionmenu(menuitem)
	if (menuitem === "overview")
	else if (menuitem === "usage")
	else if (menuitem === "example")

Note the use of the Lianja.showDocument() method to select a panel. The following Lianja.showDocument() options are available from the Custom section menu Custom delegate in the Lianja Web Client:

Select a panel by number according to its numeric position (n) in the Panels list:


Select the next panel:


Select the previous panel:


Enable Cycle:




similar to a CarouselView but the MenuPads that can be specified are associated with a “Panel” whose contents can be generated dynamically using a .rsp or a .jssp page.
You can design a PanelView without a menu and animate the panels into place like this if need be.