attributes to the CarouselView section:
Show controls: This hides/shows the left and right side navigation controls.
Show indicators: This hides/shows the panel indicators at the bottom.
You can navigate between the panels in the Carousel like this:

Lianja.showDocument("page1.section1?action=select& text=method")

Where method can be:
a numeric value indicating the # of the panel to select.So that gives you the ability to build wizard style interfaces as each panel of the CarouselView can be dynamically generated from an .rsp or .jssp page. The nice thing is that when you switch to different panels they are animated into place just like a regular carousel with images.

new CarouselView section.
This allows you to set the attributes for the images to display, the captions and the sub-captions.
It is primarily used as a home page for your app(s).
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