concurrent user based licensing

Does Lianja have any mechanism for controlling the total number of concurrent users?

Does Lianja provide any mechanism to prevent multiple logins on the same user account?


One of the advantages of the ISV program is that you can request licenses limited by connections. A single user uses up to 6 async connections from the browser.

A single user can login and have 6 connections active on the same account.

There is no mechanism for preventing a named user from logging in multiple times and in fact the tabbed UI of browsers would be less useful if that was the case.

So, as an ISV you have unlimited Cloud Server distribution as part of your annual subscription. When you want to deploy to a customer site you can request a license and specify customer license information and max concurrent connections. We then monitor the number of active connections and refuse the connection if it exceeds the # licensed.

I should also add that there are undocumented functions that provide the ability to handle licensing; Activate, Deactivate, get license fields including # concurrent connections and type of license. These are provided to ISVs.


How would the ISV license apply to a single tenanted server set-up?


Each Cloud Server that runs needs to be licensed. There is only one license activated, so if that has connection limits those limits will be applied.

As an ISV, you would request a license with all the details and you will be emailed a license key.

Licensing is handled in the cloud and ISVs use the same licensing system as we do. This is included in the ISV program.


I bought the Lianja APaaS Developer for Windows, May I install APaaS in server and install only Lianja App Builder in another computer that use the same activation code?


The cloud server included with APaaS developer is only licensed for local development. You need to purchase a Cloud Server to install on another server.



Can an aPaaS version and a cloud server co-exists on the same box (with only the cloud server server running)?
With Lianja APaaS Developer, the product key applies to both the Lianja App Builder and the Lianja Cloud Server.
If you deactivate the license in the Lianja Cloud Server, or activate a Lianja Cloud Server only product key, the Lianja App Builder
will also have its key deactivated.

I lost the email with my serial number, Where can I find it in Lianja ?
Please email from your purchasing email address and include the product name if you have purchased more than one product.

on my notebook I’ve a traditional HD and a SSD Drive.
I’ve installed Lianja on C drive, how to I can move to the D drive?

Activate ?


After problems with 2 PCs – HD replacements I have reinstalled “LianjaAPaaSDeveloper-1.5-windows-installer”. (Just ran the exe.)
No error message. Lianja App Center is OK, but get startup screen and Hang only for Lianja App Builder.
Running with “–reset” makes no difference.
If you have already activated the license it cannot be activated on another computer which is the case if you changed the HD.
If this is a clean install and you have an internet connection Lianja will run in 30-day trial mode.
Maybe its time to upgrade to v2 and keep with current developments as v1.5 is now no longer supported.
if the app center runs and the app builder will not it may be a licensing issue.
I’ve seen the Home Windows versions fail on various installs, fwiw. You should be using a Professional version.

I uninstalled Lianja on my Hong Kong machine (via Teamviewer) and then tried to install Lianja on another computer. When I enter my Activation Key I get the error message “License Activation Failed (FFFFFE93)
If you have activated 3 times then license activation will fail.
The OP was trying to activate Lianja APaaS Developer using a Lianja Cloud Server license.

I’m planning to deploy my first App on a server (Win 2k8) and just installed the Cloud server.
Unfortunately, when I try to activate the product with the license I bought, nothing happened after clicking on Activate button.
The server is connected to internet.
Should I install the Sql Server 2.0.1 and use the same license as APaaS developper instead of the Cloud server?
The issue was about the server license which I already activated on my development laptop. After the de-activation on my laptop, I was able to activate the license on the production server.

My laptop on which I installed my APP builder’s license was broken and I had to reinstall it from scratch and couldn’t deactivate my license. I have used actually 2 licenses (1 on my laptop) and the other on the deployment server where I had issue of LAN deployment from my laptop.
I would like to know if there is a way to recovery this license . I didn’t yet activate the license on this new installation I made on me laptop.
Send an email to asking them to deactivate the license on their side.
I have some experience with this


Lianja App Builder cannot be installed and accessed on a shared drive. Each App Builder is licensed as a single-user product.

Lianja is sold by annual subscription. The license you purchase is perpetual. It does not expire. Purchasing an annual subscription provides you with major and minor version releases as well as email support.

how is the upgrade process? can i simply install version 1.5 over 1.2? In any case I guess it’s expired. Will i get 30 days trial if I install version 1.5 over 1.2? and will my 1.2 demo program work on 1.5
Yes your 1.2 App should run in 1.5.
Once a trial has expired then installing a new version will not start a new trial, it will also be expired.
You can request a trial license key from if you want to re-evaluate Lianja.
You should be able to install on top.

Lianja v2.0Beta16, all Lianja products not on an active subscription will not run so do not upgrade live systems with this beta unless you have an active subscription.
All active subscriptions should have automatically been upgraded in our licensing system. If for any reason you have an issue you will see a dialog with the license type and the product key displayed in it. Please email these to support so this can be rectified for you.
If you do not have a valid subscription then you are not entitled to v2 and you will need to stay with v1 which will continue to run.

For those of you who have an active subscription you will be able to install v2.0 and it will run with your existing license.

If your subscription has expired then DO NOT INSTALL Lianja v2.0 as your license will be invalid and you will not be able to use it.

If the license you purchased was an annual subscription and it was kept active then you are entitled to all major updates.

If you did not purchase a subscription or your subscription is not active as you did not renew it then you need to repurchase.

You can use the 30 day trial key that was included in the announcement email to activate v2.0.
The 30 day product key is

you purchased a Lianja App Builder Professional subscription so v2.0 is a free upgrade for you as your annual subscription is still active.

Lianja products are all sold by annual subscription. Annual subscriptions provide you with product support using our helpdesk/ticket system and free upgrades to new major product versions while your subscription is active.

But don’t worry, if you do not renew your annual subscription, you can still use the licensed versions of the Lianja products that you have purchased and these will continue to work but you will not be able to upgrade to new major versions e.g. upgrade from v1 to v2 or v3 as these require new license keys.

Before upgrading to Windows 10, please Deactivate your license then Activate it again after the upgrade has completed.


Please read the following if your trial license reports that it has expired immediately on installation or if your purchased license fails to activate:
1. First check your system date. If your system date is incorrect, correct it and restart your machine, then restart your Lianja product or retry the license activation.
2. If you installed Lianja App Builder on Windows and did not install in the default C:\Lianja\ folder, check that you defined the LIANJA_DIR environment variable pre-installation as instructed on the Download page and illustrated on this screenshot (looks a bit complicated but really very simple). If you did not set up the environment variable pre-installation, set it up now and re-run the installer.
4. If you are activating a purchased license, please make sure you have an active Internet connection. If you are on Windows and are using a proxy server, your Internet Explorer proxy server settings will be used. This is the case even if IE is not your default browser, so the settings in IE need to be valid.

What about the free cloud Server licence within the “Lianja APaaS Developer licence” if I went for the subscription now? What exactly do I have to pay from the second year on for ApaaS and Cloud Server? Is it still the APaaS only or the ApaaS AND the Cloud Server licence?
What happens at the end of the one year subscription in general? Am I still able to maintain my Project with the last release of Lianja or is the licence obsolete after one year and I am only able to use the run time versions of what I wrote/publish in my own little company?

You have the option to renew your subscription at the pricing in a years time.
Special pricing does does not carry over to subsequent years.
The subscription licenses are perpetual. You only need to renew to receive the major versions after the date of expiry of your subscription.

I purchased Lianja APaaS and got Lianja Cloud server with it. I installed APaas to my laptop and it was registered and working.
Today, I installed Lianja Cloud on windows 2012 server on D:\lianja. The installation was successful but Lianja Sql server service was not started. When I enter license key, it gave me invalid or expired license key message. How can I activate it ?
After the installation completes, if you have installed to a drive other than C:, please copy the drive:\lianja\licenses folder and contents to C:\lianja\licenses to ensure that licenses are handled correctly.

My company has a POS built in VFP. This system is using Foxpro native dbf files. We are running this POS program on our own shops (same company) which are more than 100. These shops send data to main office via email. For database or other support, we send script files (.Fxp) to these shops. No direct internet link with main office. I want to switch to Lianja. We have 2 developers. What will be the best Lianja licensing option for us?
If you are only implementing desktop Apps and you do not want to access third party SQL data sources then you only need to purchase 2 x Lianja App Builder Standard Edition.
If you also want to access to other SQL data e.g. MSSQL or MySQL then you will need 2 x Lianja App Builder Professional Edition.
If you want to build Web and Mobile Apps also you should purchase 2 x Lianja App Builder APaaS Edition.
For desktops Apps Lianja is runtime royalty free.
For Web and Mobile Apps you need to purchase a Lianja Cloud Server.

Currently we are developing only desktop applications. But we have request from our staff for web or mobile interfaces. Do I need to buy Lianja App Builder professional as well as Lianja App Builder APaaS for both desktop and web/mobile or Lianja App Builder APaaS Edition is enough for desktop/web/mobile applications development? We have other VFP desktop applications used in main office which may be converted from desktop to web.
How will I get database support with Lianja App Builder runtime for desktop applications? Do I have to buy more than 100 Lianja database licenses?
Lianja APaaS Developer provides everything you need to develop desktop, web and mobile apps.
To deploy your desktop apps there is nothing to purchase as the apps you build are runtime royalty free, meaning that you can create an installer package and install at each of your branches.
Actually v1.1.2 allows remote connections too so you can test on tablets and phones.
for production deployment you need to purchase Lianja cloud server.
Normally this is used to serve all offices/branches.
if you require this to be deployed at each local branch you can contact us for a corporate license quotation.

With the APaaS licence I can install the App Builder on my desktop to build and test applications. Can the Cloud Server be hosted on a VM say in AWS for testing web & mobile apps? Can my client(s) access the apps hosted on the Cloud Server during the development phase (subject to the 10 connections limit)?
No currently it will only run licensed on the machine that you have installed and activated the APaaS Developer license on.
We have been discussing this requirement for testing though so this restriction may be removed in a future release.

[Licencing Clooud server] After the installation completes, if you have installed to a drive other than C:, please copy the drive:\lianja\licenses folder and contents to C:\lianja\licenses

[Licencing Clooud server]
If you installed Lianja Cloud Server or Lianja SQL Server and did not install in the default C:\Lianja\ folder, our apologies, but the Lianja Servers are looking for licenses in C:\Lianja\licenses. Please copy your <installation-path>\Lianja\licenses folder to C:\Lianja\licenses.