Development setting

I’ve 3 or 4 Lianja App builder open at the same time
I have an app to keep my work projects
an app that I would try to sell to a customer
an app builder to peer at the various solutions in the various examples ..
How do you have 3 or 4 open at the same time? Are you running with shared data access?
You reallyshouldn’t be running multiple instances of the app builder.
It may produce unpredictable behavior as it uses an
http server internally, shared memory and has exclusive database access.
It also reads and writes
settings to one place in your user directory.

in the app
builder tables are opened exclusive and in the app center runtime they are opened shared automatically.

Development setting

new command line line switch,
–homepageapp yourapp

In runtime apps, after logging in the “yourapp” App will be displayed rather than the app center.
From thereon, clicking the “Home” icon in the page header causes the “yourapp” to be displayed rather than the App Center.

There is a new “Settings” attribute that specifies the app to load when the home icon is clicked in that specific App too.
This can be used very effectively with the new Carousel Section menu to provide a seamless user experience that is customized better to your needs.
And as Yvonne has already documented, the
–tenancy S:\ command line switch can be used to map into a “tenancy” on your LAN where your Apps, Library and Data reside.

Development setting

For development purposes you can create a config.db in the .\Lianja\conf\ directory and put your SET commands there.

You can test whether your App running in desktop Web App View mode or live in a browser using Lianja.isDevMode() 

if (Lianja.isDevMode())
    // running in Web App View
  // running live in a browser