Single section demo apps

Lianja sections are visual representation of tables. Some apps have only 1 section and no relationship problems:

a) Demo apps with a section with TABLE attribute specified
app_name page_id section_id type table
example_canvasquerypage: page1 section1 canvas CUSTOMERS
example_checklistview: page1 section1 form CUSTOMERS
example_csstheme: page1 section1 form CUSTOMERS
example_datamapping: page1 section1 grid ORDER_DETAILS
example_gridgadget: page1 section1 form EXAMPLE
example_listview: page1 section1 form CUSTOMERS
example_mobileapp1: customers section1 form CUSTOMERS
example_pagestyling: page1 section1 form CUSTOMERS
example_treeviewgadget: page1 section1 form CUSTOMERS
lianjacustomcanvas: page1 section2 canvas CUSTOMERS
ui_mypagelibrary: customerlist customerlist_section grid CUSTOMERS

b) Demo apps with a section without TABLE attribute specified
app_name page_id section_id type
example_canvaslayoutjs: page1 section1 canvas
example_catalogview: page1 section1 catalogview
example_customlayoutjs: page1 section1 custom
example_docview: page1 section1 documentview
example_drawable: page1 section1 custom
example_galleryview: page1 section1 galleryview
example_gridlayout: page1 section1 custom
example_jqueryui: page1 section1 webview
example_jsrpc: page1 section1 canvas
example_pagecenter: page3 section1 pagecenter
example_panelview: page1 section1 panelview
example_videoplayer: page1 section1 videoplayer


This is a demonstration of Search Panel on a canvas section.


The field Region (customers.region) is set to Search Panel with formitem’s attribute Search panel field=true


Search Panel is set visible in section’s attribute Search Panel | Visible=true



Demostration of CheckListView gadget.


CheckListView is defined inline


Click delegate


proc page1_section1_field13_click()
messageBox("you have selected "+Lianja.get("field13").value)

Subtitles on form are demonstrated too: Customer and Address.

Appearance of header menu: & sign for bolding  initial letter.


Appearance of footer menu: <sign for left positioning (> for right, | center)


There is no code handling for selecting menu options.