In a standard section, if I need to have a formfield as a button or hyperlink, when the section is in Edit mode, the field is not clickable..
The form field is not a table field ..
It is the result of a function: Q_RemoveHTMLTag (ARTICOLI.DES_WEB)
in practice, it is the text content in a memo.
I wish that, during the edit, he can click it .. or as a hyperlink or as commandbutton ..
You can’t edit any fields that are calculated which they are. The display as hyperlink will only work in display mode not edit mode.
When you edit the data hyperlinks are editable. If they were not you would not be able to change them.

I’ve a RSP page with Hyperlink column.
If I show the RSP page with “Lianja.ShowDialog”, how can I specify the “Delegate Hyperlink”?
Generate an HTML: <a href=”#” onclick=”myjavascriptfunction()”>Click me</a>

In v1.1.3 I have implemented hyperlinks. This is an attribute in “Fields” and “Grid columns“.
Clicking on a hyperlinkcalls the “LinkClick” delegate function with controlsource and text as the arguments to it.

The row you click in a grid changes the active record so you can access any of the fields in that row.

Using Lianja.showDocument() you can switch the DataView and show a page which is not in the menus but is in the HTML DOM. You can search for records, filter data and whatever else you need to do.
Clicking the “Back” arrow in the page header will take you back to where you came from or you can do it programatically using Lianja.showDocument() again.
You can also load a complete new App directly from the delegate if thats what you need to do.

have added in support for buttons in the cells (although personally i prefer hyperlinks). This is a column attribute as is “Display as hyperlink“.
If a button is clicked the LinkClick delegate is called in the same way as when a
hyperlink is clicked.