CatalogView [examples]

When the Caption is clicked, the Caption delegate will be called: page:employees.section3 with the Caption link searchkey, here lastname, as the searchkey.

This is the equivalent of the following SHOWDOCUMENT() call:


For example, if ‘Davolio, Nancy’ is clicked, the current Caption link searchkey will be ‘Davolio’ and the call will be:




it handles optional pagination and an optional “Tile producer” delegate that provides the ability to render a custom tile.

Screen Shot 2015-03-23 at 2.14.31 PM.jpg

I want to make a navigation of products on left side. When the client clicks on it the detailed data must be shown on the right side. For a good recognition I want to use small thumbs in front of the productname so the client can see what he choose.
Have a look at the ‘CatalogView App’ example (example_catalogview).
The CatalogView Section is designed to display an image (stored in the table as a blob) along with a link field, sub caption field and a varchar/memo if required. The link field can be clicked to display more detailed information in a section below or on another Page. The CatalogView Section tiles can also be custom coded (html) to customize them further.
I want to have the navigation/product on the left side and detailed information on the right side. I don’t want to switch between screens. Something similar as my attachement.
grid Gadget Example Lianja

in the tabel textfield only te folder and name of the picture, and the pictures in a separate folder.
Can I place also thumpnails from this fields in a listing ?

The catalogview section provides the ability to display thumbnails of images together with a description and a hyperlink which when clicked calls some code that you can use to slide in a DialogPanel with a much larger image and additional information. You can also specify a filter which contains {…} macros so it only displays images related to a parent section.

Take a look at the web examples how this is done with an imagestrip section.