two Form sections. The first had Columns added by dragging the entire table from the Tables list.
The second had them
added individually by dragging them from the Column Names list.
Why does the former get navigation controls added automatically and the second does not? How do I add them to the second?
Just save and reload the App and it will pick up that the section is data-bound and show the navigation in the Section header.

it is possible to change both the database and table for a section, even if it’s grayed out.
For a form/grid/webview etc. section named mysection, use the console and issue:

lianja.get("mysection").database = "mynewdatabase"

Next: save the app and refresh it. You will see the new database name has been saved. Similary for the table (or anything else).

I have a project and successfully deployed it on LAN. But on the client PC not all fields are seen on the canvas section due to the small monitor screen. So the solution I have in mind is to put a scroll bar on the canvas section. Is that possible to put a scroll bar on canvas section when the monitor is too small to view all the fields on canvas?
A canvas section is non responsive as you have discovered. A canvas section cannot be scrollable.
page containing the canvas section can be scrollable so play about with that setting in the page attributes.


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