CSS and theme

What is the syntax for the “style” clause in the Browse command?

It takes a character string, but I believe it is for syntax compatibility only and is ignored.

If your Browse is in a Custom Section using the ‘Custom BROWSE or EDIT command’ attributes, it will inherit lianja_ui_grid and lianja_ui_grid::item CSS properties.

/* page1_cssstyle.css */

lianja_ui_grid {
     font: bold italic large "Times New Roman";
lianja_ui_grid::item {
     border: 2px solid red;
lianja_ui_grid::item:selected {
     border: 2px solid blue;
lianja_ui_grid::item:!hover { 
lianja_ui_grid::item:hover { 

 I see your page items can accept css styling, but is it possible to create one css stylesheet and simply link it?
CSS in the Lianja wiki
Yes, the ‘CSS Style’ attribute can be set to a CSS string or the name of a CSS file. The ‘app:/’ and ‘lib:/’ prefixes can be used to reference the current App or the Lianja library respectively.


I would like to reference the caption of page in a pageframe in my css file.


Use QTabBar::tab

Name: QTabBar.jpg Views: 16 Size: 110.3 KB


they want want to be able to create a UI using the very latest controls and toys from the PrimeNG library. This is why I raised the question about Angular 2 components in Lianja. It seemed like it should be possible


I use RSP pages to serve json result sets to Kendo and Jquery objects.

This way, I get to leverage the existing data logic that is already in place, and the rest of team can work in the bootstrap themes that the designers have chosen.


If I use it to style the textbox and specify border in the CSS file, will it format the border of both the caption and the data or will it just format the border of the caption as with the attribute available? I am trying to get both the captions and data to appear with white text over a solid blue background.


You need to use a CSS selector so that it only styles the textbox.

lianja_ui_textbox { … }

To style an individual Canvas Section textbox:

CSS style: background: blue; color: white; border: blue;

Or to do all sections on a Page, edit the Page ‘CSS Style’ file:

lianja_ui_section * {

lianja_ui_textbox {
background: blue;
color: white;
border: blue;

(Or for all sections in the App, put it in the App ‘App CSS style’ file.)




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