I created a webview section, with a simple html to try to post to a “hello_world.php“. However, it shows the requested page not found.
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Note that the project has been deployed successfully and I verified the file is the the tenant/app folder.
Next, I try to access the php manually via http://localhost:8001/apps/homeloan/hello_world.php, the file gets downloaded instead of displaying in the browser.
I tried http://localhost/hello_world.php, without problems.

i tried http://localhost/apps/homeloan/hello_world.php and it gets downloaded ( a “hello_world.php” gets downloaded)


Typically, your browser is going to look for an html page (or in the case of the Lianja Cloud Server, an RSP page).

I haven’t really used PHP in Lianja.
If you are saying that http://localhost/hello_world.php works in your browser, have you tried this.
http://localhost/apps/homeloan/hello_world.php ?

You an double check that your files were deployed properly in
C:\lianja\cloudserver\tenants\public\wwwroot\apps\ homeloan.


while PHP is enabled for custom webview sections and pages in desktop apps, it is not yet available for scripting on web pages (V6 on the roadmap). Note also a note in the Roadmap indicating that PHP is deprecated from V4.0 onward, and may be removed.



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